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LEXAN sheets in Ontario provide many positive qualities that can benefit companies in local industries. The material is a specific brand of polycarbonate, which is sometimes also referred to as PC. But LEXAN is a commonly used term for the material in general. 

It’s especially well known for being a tough, impact-resistant material that is virtually impossible to break. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, including some that are especially relevant to popular industries throughout Ontario, like construction and industrial machining. For more on how LEXAN sheets can benefit Ontario firms, read on for a guide. 

LEXAN Polycarbonate Sheets from Ontario Plastics Material Distributors

Attributes of LEXAN Sheets

LEXAN sheets have many positive attributes that may appeal to companies across Ontario. But the material is perhaps best known for its high strength, stiffness, and impact resistance. It is one of the strongest plastic materials available on the market. Specifically, it can be up to 250 times more impact resistant than glass. So the material is less likely to break or shatter when struck with a fast moving object. It can even stand up to flying debris from major storms, forced entry threats, and certain ballistics. This quality is what makes LEXAN sheets in Ontario especially relevant to local industries like industrial and construction firms, since they often require tough materials to avoid damage when used alongside heavy machinery and equipment. 

LEXAN sheets also offer great optical clarity. This makes it easy for the material to be used in place of glass or in areas where users need clear visibility from one side of a sheet to the other. 

LEXAN sheets can be customized to the needs of each user. The material is incredibly easy to machine. So it can be formed into various shapes and assembled into structures based on the needs of each individual or group. The material is also printable. So you can even change the look of the surface or use it for signage or other applications where printed materials are necessary. And it even comes in various colors and finishes, including clear, white, gray, and bronze. It can be cut to various sizes. And it’s available in a wide range of grades, including general purpose, sign, multiwall, abrasion resistant, aircraft, FDA, flame retardant, graphic high optic, and machine grade.

One of the qualities that can make LEXAN sheets in Ontario especially attractive for those in the building and construction industries is how lightweight the material is. Especially when compared to glass, polycarbonate is easy to work with. So depending on its size, you don’t necessarily need heavy equipment to maneuver it around job sites and industrial facilities. 

These sheets also exhibit low moisture absorption, meaning they can hold up well in environments where there’s a lot of water or humidity. This is mainly what makes the material FDA compliant when purchased in certain grades. 

Applications for LEXAN Sheets

There are tons of different ways to make use of LEXAN sheets in various industries. But since the material is so strong and impact resistant, one of the most common applications is in protective systems used to upgrade security or enhance building designs. LEXAN’s ability to withstand impact from various objects makes it the perfect solution for replacing glass in areas where extra security may be needed.

LEXAN sheets are also often integrated into various types of vehicles. It can be used in the production of windshields and operator protection for everything from public transit to recreational vehicles. The impact resistance can provide added protection in these applications. And the visual clarity and lightweight design of these sheets make them ideal for use in moving vehicles. 

These are just a few examples of how polycarbonate, and more specifically LEXAN sheets, benefit various use cases. The material is also quite common in creating signage, industrial components, armored vehicles, and energy and gas equipment. 

Ontario Markets That Can Make Use of LEXAN Sheets

Of course, the major industries in Toronto and throughout the rest of Ontario have specific needs when it comes to performance plastics. However, LEXAN sheets fit many of these industries perfectly. More specifically, industrial facilities and construction firms are two of the largest areas of focus in Ontario currently. Both require strong materials to enhance their equipment and building supplies. 

More specifically, industrial facilities like manufacturing plants can use LEXAN sheets to create strong components and protective systems. LEXAN sheets in Ontario are often used in the production of machine guards, which are clear plastic panels installed above heavy manufacturing equipment. These allow team members to clearly see products and machinery so they can monitor production and spot potential issues. But it can protect them from moving parts, sharp components, or hazardous materials. Since LEXAN is so strong, it’s able to hold up extremely well in these settings while still offering optimal visibility. 

The construction industry is another area where Ontario businesses can make use of LEXAN sheets. This material is commonly used in actual buildings as protective systems or substitutes for glass. But it can also be used in the production of heavy construction equipment. The material’s attributes allow it to stand up against the daily wear and tear of construction sites and keep operators safe from falling debris or other potential hazards. 

How to Find a LEXAN Sheets Distributor in Ontario

When looking for a LEXAN sheets distributor for these applications, it’s important to find a company with a local presence in Ontario. This ensures that they have a deep understanding of the industries and needs of companies doing business in the area. They can also provide personal service and fast turnaround times on orders or LEXAN sheets. 

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