How Industrial Plastics Companies in Ontario Raise Your Competitive Edge

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If you use industrial plastics companies in Ontario as part of your company’s operations, you know the importance of having a reliable supplier who delivers quality materials. In fact, the right company can actually help you improve efficiency, stand out in the minds of your clients, and gain an advantage over others in your industry. 

However, if you want to gain this type of competitive advantage, you need to understand what factors to look for. Here are some things to consider when looking at industrial plastic companies in Ontario.  

Wide Selection

Industrial, construction, and mining companies throughout Ontario are likely to require a variety of plastics for different purposes. Searching around for suppliers each time you need a new type of plastic can be cumbersome. So it’s a good idea to look for companies that offer a wide array of materials, grades, and options that will allow you to get all the materials required to complete each of your projects. 

Additionally, offering a wide selection means that your supplier isn’t as likely to push you toward materials that aren’t optimized for your specific needs. For example, if you’re looking for a very strong plastic sheet, a supplier with minimal options may just point you toward the best option available in their specific inventory, rather than directing you to the strongest plastics available in the market, like polycarbonate. A varied selection means there’s a greater likelihood that you can always get the products that are perfect for your individual needs. 

Fast Shipping

Ontario companies that want to stand out also don’t have tons of time to wait around for each individual order to ship. The faster you receive your materials, the faster you can get those items out to clients or use them in your own operations. Some suppliers are not able to deliver orders quickly because they don’t stock a full warehouse, they send materials out to another location for conversion services, or they’re simply located too far away to facilitate fast shipping. 

So how can you determine which industrial plastic companies in Ontario are most likely to ship products out quickly? Carrying a wide selection of products on site is a good start. However, you should also find out if they complete conversions and processing on site or outsource these services. Finally, if you can work with a local company, or at least a distributor with a location close by, you may be able to dramatically cut down on shipping times since your orders will have a shorter distance to travel. 

Quick Quote Turnaround

The process of getting price quotes for materials and supplies can also contribute to the overall timeline of a project. If you have to wait around for weeks to find out what something is going to cost, then it may not matter much how long it takes to actually ship to you. In addition, quick responses after quotes is usually indicative of helpful, responsive customer service. You want a team who is available to answer questions and respond to concerns quickly whenever issues arise with your orders or if you need guidance when purchasing new materials. 

Ideally, look for companies that are able to deliver quotes within 24 hours of a request. As you communicate with a new company, it should be clear how responsive they are so you can get a feel for what type of service to expect as you move forward. 

Conversion Capabilities

It’s also essential to make sure that the materials you order are made to your exact specifications. This allows you to quickly utilize the materials you’ve ordered so you can get a jump on the competition and save time and money making adjustments to raw materials. 

In order to achieve this objective, look for companies that offer services like CNC routing and cutting. If they have tools like routers and die cutters on site, it means you’ll receive sheets and other plastic materials that are cut and shaped to meet your ultimate needs. 

Inventory From Leading Manufacturers

Industrial plastic companies in Ontario need quality materials that are able to hold up in tough industries like mining and construction. But if you’re not a plastics engineer, you may not be able to discern the factors that separate quality plastics from the rest. Luckily, there are trusted brands with tons of respect throughout the industry that can help you make informed purchases. 

Top brands like LEXAN, Coroplast, and DuPont have stood the test of time because their materials provide long lasting strength and durability within a variety of applications. If your plastic supplier partners with recognized, industry leading brands, you’re likely to gain access to quality materials that suit your needs and help your company gain a competitive advantage long term. 

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