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Industrial firms like those in construction, energy, and manufacturing are a major part of the Canadian economy. These sectors often require specialized parts and components that are made for specific types of machinery and equipment. And those parts need to be able to hold up against serious wear and tear. 

Luckily, plastics provide tons of benefits that are especially relevant in these settings. Industrial mechanical plastics can be custom made to suit specific applications and types of equipment. And these materials can offer plenty of strength, durability, and other practical advantages. 

If you’re looking for industrial components or parts and want to explore the power of plastics, here’s a guide to the many benefits and use cases. 

Industrial mechanical plastics in Ontario, CA

Use Cases for Industrial Mechanical Plastics

Industrial mechanical plastics can span a wide array of specific use cases. Since the industrial category encompasses so many potential businesses within Ontario and Canada, it’s worth diving into a few of the most popular areas where plastic parts may provide benefits. 

Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in the area currently. Plastics like polycarbonate, acrylic, and PETG are all popular construction materials in both residential and commercial applications. Basically, they all provide optical clarity and more impact resistance than glass. So they can be used in place of traditional glass in applications like windows, skylights, greenhouses, and carport covers. However, the construction industry also makes use of plastics in its heavy machinery. Due to the same durability and optical clarity benefits, plastics can be used in windshields and operator protection in machines like cranes, excavators, and backhoes. However, these pieces of equipment can also utilize plastics to replace components that might otherwise be made of metal. These plastics are lighter in weight, more durable in abrasive and corrosive environments, and can reduce noise during operation. In these pieces of equipment, plastic is commonly used to produce bushings and bearings, wear pads, sheaves, and outrigger pads, among other parts. They can also be used to produce internal components like arm rests, door panels, drink holders, and instrument panel clusters. 

Manufacturing is another industry where plastic components can be incredibly beneficial. In these settings, clear plastics like polycarbonate and acrylic are often used to create machine guards, which provide protection for workers while still offering an unobstructed view of their equipment and processes. In some facilities, these guards also prevent contamination of products throughout the manufacturing process. These facilities can also use plastics in smaller parts like gears, valves and fittings. There are many plastics that can stand up to extreme conditions like corrosion, temperature fluctuations, caustic cleaning solutions, and constant friction. So these materials are perfect to reduce damage and wear to these small but essential components. 

The energy industry is another area where the use of plastics is growing quickly. These materials are rapidly replacing metal and other substances in the oil and gas industry due to their low weight, design flexibility, and durability. Plastics are available in a wide variety of high-performance grades depending on the needs of each user. Some even deliver conductive properties, friction reduction, and electrical insulation. Mining companies within the energy field are also in need of materials that can stand up to abrasive, noisy, and generally tough environments. Engineering plastics like Nylon, UHMW, and HDPE are perfect for these settings. They can be used for specific applications like material handling, truck and rail car liners, and sheaves and gears.

Benefits of Using Industrial Mechanical Plastics

There are many benefits of plastics that vary based on the specific material and application. However, a few advantages tend to appeal to users across industries. Here are a few of them. 

First of all, plastics offer exceptional formability. Thermoplastics especially can be shaped into very specific components using heat tools. And sheets, rods, tubes, and other components can be cut to the specific size and specifications needed for each project. This is especially useful in industrial settings where plastic parts are needed to fit into larger systems like construction equipment or manufacturing plants. 

Plastics are generally lightweight, especially when compared to traditional industrial materials like metal. This makes them easy to work with and install. But it can also reduce strain and energy output in certain types of machinery. For example, using plastics in equipment like bulldozers may reduce the overall weight, allowing these machines to operate more efficiently and preventing long term wear. 

Industrial plastics are also incredibly versatile. There are tons of specific materials available, including polycarbonate, acrylic, PET, HDPE, UHMW, and many more. All of these options provide specific properties and benefits to suit the needs of a wide array of settings. So whether you need a material that can stand up to constant friction or one that offers chemical or heat resistance, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

How to Use Plastics in Your Industrial or Construction Projects

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