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Coroplast is another name for polypropylene twinwall sheet, a popular type of plastic that is best known for being lightweight, economical and durable. This product actually goes by many names, including fluted polypropylene, corrugated plastic, and corrugated polypropylene. But many simply refer to it by the popular brand name of Coroplast. 

Coroplast sheets are commonly used for signage, both for indoor and outdoor use. It can also be used in trade show and retail displays, construction templates, and packaging. In Ontario, there are some booming industries that are finding creative ways to make use of this economical material. Read on for a guide about how a Coroplast distributor might be able to enhance your own company’s operations in Ontario.  

corrugated twinwall - coroplast sheet
Polycarbonate corrugated sandwich panel

Attributes of Coroplast Sheets

Overall, Coroplast sheets are known for being lightweight, inexpensive, easy to fabricate, water resistant, and durable. Here’s a rundown of each of these qualities. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the actual structure of Coroplast, the sheets are formed using two parallel sheets of polypropylene plastic, with an extra sheet of fluted material running between the two. When looking at the side of the material, it looks a lot like cardboard — it’s just made of plastic instead. This structure is what makes Coroplast sheets so lightweight. Each sheet is actually relatively thick, but much of the inside between the fluted sheets is just empty space. This makes it especially easy to transport and work with in various settings, including construction sites. 

This also makes Coroplast sheets a very economical choice for a variety of applications. It doesn’t cost much to produce and can be easily recycled. So it’s often chosen as the material of choice for items that are intended to be used just for a short period of time, like signs for specific sales or political campaigns, templates on construction sites, or packaging. 

The material is also incredibly easy to fabricate and customize. You can even have specific messages printed right on it. A Coroplast distributor can walk you through all of the color, size, and fabrication options available. But it’s generally available in a wide array of options, including white, black, opaque, translucent, and sign grade. There are even corona treated grades available. Then you can have it printed or customize it later with your own messages. 

Another major factor in the popularity of Coroplast sheets is the material’s durability. It is water resistant and able to hold up in a variety of environments, including outdoors. This is what makes it popular in the signage industry. But it is also what can make it an attractive option on construction sites or in industrial settings where it may be exposed to harsh or potentially messy conditions. 

Applications of Coroplast Sheets

Signage is perhaps the best known application of Coroplast sheets. Since they’re so lightweight, economical, durable, and easy to print, the material is an incredibly practical option for various displays. It’s easy to get in a variety of colors and finishes. So you can make signage to your exact specifications. And the material can hold up outdoors for a long period of time. But even if it’s only needed for a short campaign, it’s inexpensive and easy enough to recycle that it doesn’t feel like a waste. 

Coroplast sheets are also commonly used as templates in renovations or building design projects. Since it’s so lightweight and easy to cut, workers can use it to put in spaces where countertops or other structures are going to be placed. This can help them better plan the space and make changes to end materials if necessary. Some crews can even use it as a temporary floor covering to protect the subfloor or permanent materials since it’s so durable and water resistant. 

In some cases, Coroplast sheets can even be used to create packaging. It is a more durable option than paper-based packaging. So it’s especially common in applications where the item being stored or shipped needs to be protected from moisture. The material is also lightweight, making it an easy solution for items that need to be shipped. And it can even be reused multiple times or recycled and turned into new plastic material when you’re done with it. 

Ontario Markets That Make Use of Coroplast Sheets

Two of the most prominent industries in Ontario are construction and industrial. Both of these can benefit greatly from working with a Coroplast distributor. 

In construction, it’s common to use Coroplast sheets as templates and temporary floor coverings, as stated above. It can also be used in the creation of molds for more permanent materials like concrete. Basically, Coroplast sheets should be in the toolkit of every construction and development crew, since there are so many potential uses. And because the material is so lightweight, economical, and easy to work with, it’s easy for teams to keep this material on hand to cut and shape based on the needs of each project. However, you can also order cut-to-size materials quickly when needed. 

Industrial facilities can also benefit from the durability and ease of Coroplast sheets. These businesses may sometimes need protective surfaces or temporary signage to alert team members and visitors of any safety hazards or updated processes throughout the facility. Additionally, these companies often need to transport or ship materials to clients, partners, or even different divisions within their own company. So Coroplast offers a simple and efficient option for packing up these items; companies can even reuse these packages multiple times to save money and improve efficiency. 

How to Find a Coroplast Distributor in Ontario

Ontario companies that want to reap the benefits of this material need a Coroplast distributor that provides quality materials and reliable service locally. Polymershapes Toronto offers twinwall polypropylene in a variety of colors and finishes. We even provide corona-treated grades for printing. Our team can help you with cut-to-size and routing services so your Coroplast sheets are ready for use in your applications as soon as you receive them. We have the backing of Polymershapes, an internationally recognized brand with a large inventory of various plastics. But our facility is dedicated to helping local customers right here in Ontario. Our team knows the needs of local industries. And we’re known for our fast turnaround times; we even offer same day and next day delivery on select orders. To get started on your next order, visit our website to request a quote today.