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CNC fabrication allows companies to order plastic materials that are cut, shaped, and customized to the specific needs of each project. It involves heavy machinery that can make precise cuts and edits to a wide array of materials using digital design software as a guide.

In Toronto and throughout the rest of Ontario, there are plenty of popular industries that can benefit from this service — especially when it’s offered by their plastics distributor. Here’s what you should know if you’re in the market for CNC fabrication in Toronto.

CNC Fabrication Toronto - Maching showing plastic cnc machining

Benefits of CNC Fabrication Toronto

For starters, CNC fabrication is incredibly accurate. Operators are able to complete designs in a digital format before cutting begins. This means there are fewer mistakes and inaccuracies than there would be with manual cutting processes. This improved accuracy can help companies cut down on material waste and ensure they receive items made to their exact specifications.

Since the process is largely automated, CNC fabrication is also a very efficient way to convert and customize materials. You don’t have to wait around for skilled workers or specific tools to complete different parts of the job. This can ultimately shorten wait times and help companies get the completed materials they need in a timely manner.

Overall, this efficiency and lack of waste throughout the process can help companies that use CNC fabrication in Toronto gain a competitive advantage over others that don’t have access to this service. Those with access are able to get the materials they need right away, instead of waiting around or outsourcing this service to another provider. This means acting quickly when new materials are needed and keeping prices as competitive as possible.

Industries Impacted by CNC Fabrication in Toronto

Some of the most popular industries throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada can dramatically benefit from the use of CNC fabrication. In fact, basically any field or company that sometimes utilizes custom parts or materials that need to be cut to size can use this service. Here are some of the top ones to note.

The construction industry is a major source of jobs and activity throughout Canada, especially in major cities like Toronto. Traditionally, building materials have been made from strong materials like wood, metal, and glass. But these items are often heavy, breakable, and difficult to work with. Plastics have made an impact on the industry by offering easily customizable, lightweight, versatile replacement options. And CNC fabrication is a big part of the reasons why plastics can easily be made into various components needed for building projects.

Mining and milling are also big in Toronto and across Canada. Companies in this industry need tough materials that can stand up to wear, impact, and harsh environments. Luckily, there are plenty of strong plastics that are up to the task. And CNC fabrication in Toronto gives these companies an easy way to get the exact components they need to facilitate operations at their mining locations.

There are plenty of uses for custom fabricated plastics within the industrial industry as well. And manufacturers are currently facing increased demand as they produce vital supplies to help the country bounce back from the pandemic. This field also requires materials that can stand up to wear and other potentially damaging elements. And since every facility is different, CNC fabrication helps companies get the exact sizes and shapes needed for replacement parts or custom machinery.

Applications for CNC Fabrication in Toronto

In the construction industry, CNC fabricated plastics can be used for a huge array of items, including piping, windows and skylights, and even custom entryways. More specifically, materials like polycarbonate, acrylic and PETG are often used as replacements for glass elements. They all have significantly higher impact resistance than glass, along with outstanding optical clarity. CNC fabrication allows these materials to be cut to fit window frames or other building elements with ease.

Companies in the mining industry can utilize a wide range of engineering plastics like nylon, UHMW, and HDPE. These can be helpful in a variety of applications, including parts made for material handling and transportation. More specifically, CNC fabrication can be used to craft custom truck and rail car liners, sheaves, and gears used to mill, cut, clean, and separate materials. Since mining environments are generally abrasive, noisy, and tough on materials, these plastic parts can help operators work efficiently and cut down on costs related to replacement parts.

In industrial settings, the applications for custom, CNC fabricated plastics are nearly endless. Two of the most common are machine guards and wear strips. Machine guards provide essential protection for workers while still giving them clear visibility into their machines and production processes. These items are typically made of clear plastics like polycarbonate, acrylic, or PETG. And CNC fabrication allows them to be custom made to fit each machine to provide optimal protection and prevent contamination.

Wear strips are small components attached to guardrails in manufacturing facilities. They allow products to easily glide along the production line and protect them from damage they might face by contacting the metal railing. Plastic wear strips are especially popular in bottling facilities to reduce the breakage of glass bottles since plastic is significantly less likely to damage the bottles than exposed metal. With CNC fabrication, facilities can have these strips made to fit their existing machinery or to address vulnerable spots in their production lines.

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