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Fun Fact

The word "tank" originally meant "artificial lake" and came from India, perhaps via the Portuguese word tanque.

General purpose semi-crystalline materials from the polyolefin family are frequently specified for tank construction, along with amorphous materials for structural needs, and flexible tubing as tank attachments. Some of the most common tank products are for fire trucks and large containment needs; however, tanks are widely utilized by food and beverage producers, in chemical, oil and gas applications, and in machinery and heavy equipment production.

Within the Tank Construction Market Segment, these are common applications

  • Bushings & Insulators
  • Chemical Processing Tanks
  • Etching Bath
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Marine Tanks
  • Pickling Tanks
  • Plating Tanks
  • Tank Lining
  • Water Deionization Tanks
  • Water Tanks