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Fun Fact

The size of the outrigger pad required for a specific job depends upon the weight of the equipment being used, including rigging and accessories, the weight of the load, and ground bearing capacity (GBC) of the soil underneath the equipment.

An outrigger is a projecting support used to stabilize heavy equipment such as excavators and cranes. An outrigger pad is a thick piece of material used under the outrigger on heavy equipment to assist in stabilization and prevent destruction of the surface on which the heavy equipment is operating; both are required by OSHA. Outrigger pads made of plastic weigh about 1/10 as much as steel pads, making them easier to move and install. They also won’t rust or corrode like steel, and cost less! Plastic outrigger pads won't crack or splinter like those made with plywood can crack or splinter – plastic outrigger pads won’t.

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